Abdominal Pain

When faced with intense abdominal pain, it's important to prioritize your health and seek timely medical attention. Swift diagnosis and treatment are vital in such situations. At Crescent ER, we are a trusted medical facility offering 24/7 urgent care services, ensuring that you receive the best possible treatment during your time of need.

Abdominal Pain Urgent Care

Sharp and stabbing pain in your abdomen can indicate a major health concern. The intense abdominal pain requires immediate diagnosis and treatment. You should contact a healthcare provider or visit an emergency room if your abdominal pain lasts longer than 2 hours. Crescent ER is a professional medical ER that offers 24/7 urgent care treatment to patients.

Causes of Abdominal Pain
24/7 urgent care If you've been experiencing persistent abdominal pain for over 2 hours, we highly recommend contacting a healthcare provider or visiting an emergency room for immediate care.

Possible Causes of Abdominal Pain

There can be several reasons for pain around your groin, chest area, or lower abdomen. Some causes are more serious than others. Here are some causes of abdominal pain are:

The appendix is a small tube-like organ at the bottom of your colon. Inflammation in the appendix can cause a sharp pain in the lower right abdomen. Bloating, vomiting, and nausea are common symptoms of appendix pain.

Fluid-filled sacs in ovaries are called ovarian cysts. They can form during ovulation. Ovarian cysts cause a sharp pain in the lower abdomen. Get yourself checked by a doctor if the pain is not going away.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome causes intense or mild pain to happen before movement of the bowel. It is a digestive tract disease that can cause bloating, diarrhea, gassiness, etc. This abdominal pain may be caused by eating certain foods that do not suit you.

Consuming alcohol, overeating, or eating fatty foods can lead to indigestion. Such pain is caused after eating something.

When your digestive tract is filled with air is called gas. Both indigestion and gas can cause pain in your stomach or lower intestine.

It is a condition when small stones are formed on your gallbladder. These cholesterol stones cause inflammation on your gallbladder that results in sharp pain in your abdomen. Sweating, fever, vomiting, yellow skin are some common symptoms of gallstones.

Above are some major causes of abdominal pain. If your abdominal pain is prolonged, you must get a quick checkup to diagnose your issue.

Treatments for Abdominal Pain
Treatments for Abdominal Pain

Treatment varies depending on which type of abdominal pain you are experiencing. Getting OTC medication can relieve minor pains; but for severe pain, you must go for a proper checkup to diagnose the problem. If your abdominal pain stays more than a few days, it is an indicator you should get medical help from a professional physician.

Never rely on OTC medication because it will only relieve pain temporarily and delays the treatment. Crescent Medical Center ER is dedicated to deal with all health-related issues. We are offering premium health care services and emergency treatment to patients suffering from injuries and pains.

How is Abdominal Pain Diagnosed?
How is Abdominal Pain Diagnosed?

Physicians first examine the patient physically to see any swelling, bloating, or tenderness. He may ask questions about the patient's medical history and the position of pain. If the doctor thinks the condition is serious then the patient has to undergo some in-depth medical testing. Tests may include, ultrasounds, X-rays, MRI scans, etc. The purpose of this testing is to examine the condition of organs and other tissues. In case a person has a tumor, inflammation, or fracture; these tests can help in diagnosing the problem.

Your physician may also need urine, blood, or stool samples to detect any infections.

Why Choose Crescent Medical Center for Abdominal Pain Treatment?

If you are having some or all of the listed symptoms, it is important for you to monitor them carefully and get medical help if the pain increases or does not subside. Crescent Medical Center's trustworthy emergency room offers reliable medical services in Lancaster. Our experienced physicians will give you the best treatment for your pain. In case of emergency, visit Crescent Medical Center or call 972-850-2845.

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