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In the realm of urgent care, where every moment counts and lives hang in the balance, we stand unwaveringly ready, providing immediate, compassionate, and life-saving assistance around the clock, 24/7, ensuring that when emergencies demand the best, we deliver with utmost dedication and expertise, leaving no stone unturned in our relentless pursuit of your well-being.

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Personal Injury

At Crescent ER, we offer the most efficient, reliable, and hassle-free treatments for personal injuries. If you have suffered from any physical damage, we can provide you immediate medical care.

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Abdominal Pain

Sharp and stabbing pain in your abdomen can indicate a major health concern. The intense abdominal pain requires immediate diagnosis and treatment. Crescent ER is a professional medical ER that offers 24/7 urgent care.

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Acute Pain

Acute pain refers to a sudden, excruciating body pain as the result of a specific causative reason, such as a traumatic injury to any body part. It is a common type of pain that comes suddenly and lasts less than 3-6 months.

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Allergic Reactions

If a person is experiencing an allergic reaction, he should get immediate treatment; otherwise, it will get worse. You can consult any health care provider or visit an emergency room in your area.

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Breathing Complications

Breathing complications are among those medical situations which should be given urgent attention. Although you can experience difficulty breathing after exercising, you should not feel this way in normal situations.

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Broken Bones

Broken bones and fractures are serious medical conditions that should be immediately treated to ensure a fast-paced recovery. There are many types of fractures, such as close, open, complicated, partial, etc.

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Chest Pain Emergency Care

Feeling pain in the chest area sounds like an emergency that should never be ignored. Chest pain does not indicate a heart attack only, it can be triggered by several minor issues like muscle strain, gas problem, bone fractures, etc.

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Concussions can result when a person experiences a blow to the head that causes the brain to be jostled inside the skull. Brain injuries commonly happen through athletic activity, a sudden and violent hit of an object on the brain, or any other daily activity that causes your brain to hit the inside of your skull.

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Eye infections or injury

Eye emergencies include eye injuries and infections. Common eye problems occur due to cuts, burns, chemical exposure, infections, scratches, objects inside the eye. Other medical conditions that affect the eyes, for example, glaucoma in diabetes and blood clots also require immediate medical care.

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Fever is a high temperature or high body temperature, usually a sign of a lower condition or infection. The Hypothalamus, a part of your brain, is responsible for regulating body temperature.

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Flue Like Symptons

Seasonal flu can cause symptoms, like cough, chills, headaches, achiness, and fatigue. People infected with the flu can experience stuffiness, sore throat, sneezing, or stomach problems.

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Burns Urgent Care

Burns is tissue damage caused by heat, excessive exposure to the sun or other rays, or chemical or electrical contact. Burns can be a minor medical issue or can become a life-threatening emergency.

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Senior Medical Center

Our superiors are focused on providing the highest quality care in a unique, specialized environmentwithin our Crescent Senior Medical Center. It also incorporates building materials to create improvedacoustics, safety, and comfort for our elderly patients.

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Bite, Stings, Rashes

You can feel mild to severe discomfort due to the rashes caused by bites & stings of insects. Although this doesn't sound like an emergency, it can lead to serious health conditions in some cases. We offer emergency treatment for all sorts of rashes, stings, & bites.

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