In this article will take a look at COVID-19 Testing for Travellers.

When going on a trip before the era of COVID-19 required planning. You had to plan where to go and what to do and usually have some sort of itinerary. You had to decide where to go, from restaurants to hotels, and entertainment venues. These activities have been hampered or halted by the various restrictions imposed by local and international governments. The standard protocol for travel on public transportation is to at least have a mask, especially around others in shared spaces.


Please allow 6ft of the distance between non-household members, wash your hands regularly, avoid face contact, and anyone who is sick. The most common types of travel include car, bus, or airplane. Each has its own risks to consider. Car travel can have you isolated within your vehicle, which is a high level of protection. However, when and if you stop for fuel or food, you meet others. You will need to be mindful of all the surfaces that have been touched, door handles, and items that may have been picked up by someone else. When traveling by bus, you lose that protection barrier one has been isolated in a vehicle.

You are highly exposed in general, but more so with excessive standing or sitting next to people most likely less than 6 feet away from you. If possible, add a row of seats between you and other passengers. Avoid holding the handlebars if possible. If you are a frequent bus traveler, it is best to adhere to the proper hygiene practices of washing hands regularly and use hand sanitizer when possible. Air travel has all the above-mentioned scenarios to consider with a few more additional precautions. We travel in America for the most part freely from state to state. With so many states and counties to list.


The CDC has a travel planner that will identify the restrictions for each state. When traveling internationally there is something to make note of is that many countries require a COVID-19 test before traveling. It’s recommended that one is done 1-3 days before air travel. When considering any air travel internationally please visit the Crescent Emergency Room in Lancaster, Texas. Crescent Emergency room is equipped with knowledgeable staff and can provide rapid COVID-19 test results in 30 minutes. This can give you peace of mind when traveling with you and your loved ones. Let Crescent Emergency Room be part of your travel plans to ensure safe passage.

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